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Jane McAfee has been listing and selling real estate in southern Westchester County for over 28 years and her commitment to sellers and buyers has made her one of the top Realtors in the county and a recipient of the highest level of recognition from the Westchester Board of Realtors (top1% of over 12,000 Realtors). She specializes in Yonkers and is often the #1 selling Realtor there. Jane has partcipated in 500+ home sales, totalling $250 million. She is unlike other Realtors and her knowledge, expertise and well-developed SKILL are what sets her apart.   Jane is an innovative marketing specialist exposing her listings to the highest number of buyers possible, and an experienced negotiator who gets top dollar for her seller clients and the best price for her buyer clients. She is extremely tech savvy and knows how to use the internet and technology to benefit her clients. She is highly respected by her peers and has a great working relationship with them,... More

Professional Awards & Achievements

Consistent Top Producing Broker in Yonkers (1994-present). Consistently in top 2% of all Realtors in Hudson Valley Gateway Board of Realtors (1997-present). 2010 Yonkers Chamber of Commerce Women in Excellence Business Professional Award Winner

Professional Associations & Designations

New York State Licensed Associate Broker Real Estate Sales Specialist (RESS), Senior's Real Estate Specialist (SRES), Accredited Buyer's Agent (ABR) ,Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), Accredited GREEN Realtor Member of Hudson Valley Gateway Association of Realtors,  Member of the New York State Board of Realtors, Member of the National Association of Reators.

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I live where I work and I am committed to the communities I serve...including people, students and animals.

Real Estate Expertise

I am a full-time Real Estate Professional with extensive knowledge, experience and SKILL to help my clients be successful in today's real estate market. I am enthusiastic, tireless and 100% committed to helping them attain their goals.


I have attended over 150 multi-hour classes/seminars during my real estate career, enabling me to be proficient and up to date in every aspect of residential real estate in my marketplace.


From the moment Jane came to our house to discuss a market analysis, she set herself apart fro other agents. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Yonkers market, made wonderful suggestions about how to best present our home, and recommended a sales price based on thorough research and experience. Throughout the process, Jane was responsive and accessible. She returned phone calls and emails quickly, and communicated feedback and information as soon as she received it. Once we had an acceptable offer and then a contract, Jane was very helpful in walking us through the steps that led to our closing. Jane’s talents and experience, combined with the resources available through her association with Houlihan Lawrence, are a winning combination.

Alison Sheehy (former owner of 70 Sunnyside Drive, Yonkers)

Jane, you were nothing less than heroic in helping me with the sale of my home and I know it took much more of your time than either of us ever imagined. From your initial suggestions to prepare the house, to sharing your expert contacts as I needed them for repairs to that myriad of difficult tasks which you knew exactly how to handle, you were the best. But more importantly than all of that, when we were faced with truly problematic, unforeseen circumstances, you were able to see the way to the finish line with acumen and finesse. Your deep comprehension of all sides of the transaction, your buoyant spirit, and seasoned approach were critical to the very last day—even the day we closed. I am exceedingly grateful and lucky to have been your client.

Kim Fader (former owner of 11 Park Hill Place, Yonkers)

Jane….you were organized, detail oriented, friendly and always went beyond “the call of duty.” You are truly amazing because you take a personal interest in your clients. Every Realtor wants to sell a house but you advised me not to consider offers which would have resulted in a greater commission to you because they were not in the best of interest of my parents who owned the house. You knew that whatever money we received from the sale would be used for my parents to remain in an assisted living facility where they currently reside. Your motivation was to maximize their quality of life rather than a quick commission for yourself. In my experience, an ethical sales broker was an oxymoron…until meeting you. You are a credit to your business and are truly a special human being. Thank you for everything you have done on behalf of my parents and me.

Martin Lecker (former owner of 60 Devoe Avenue, Yonkers)

Jane, we cannot thank you enough for helping us sell our house so smoothly and quickly. You didn’t just guide us through the selling process; you gave us your time for more than two years, even as began to imagine and prepare for making a move. The success in selling occurred for so many reasons. You coached us through the process of preparing our house for selling. You gave us advice about furniture arrangement and visual appeal that brought out the best in our house. You guided us through the process of bringing our paperwork up to date with the City of Yonkers which was no easy process. While the house was on the market, you kept the lines of communications open continuously. You helped us price the house correctly and find secure, motivated buyers who would work with us on completing the entire process without delay. Your patience and guidance at every step were truly appreciated.

Margaret & Bill Kleiber (former owners of 26 Birch Road, Yonkers)

Jane, I would like to express my gratitude for your help, conscientiousness, energy, honesty, judgement, and professionalism in the sale of my family home. Your marketing of the house was very skillful and your effort to sell it went beyond the call of duty. You worked hard to get the best deal for me. At one point, two potential buyers were bidding on the house at the same time. With one buyer you would have received the full commission; with the other, you would have split the commission with another agent. Your professionalism and integrity were demonstrated as you bent over backwards not to bias negotiations to your personal self-interest. As a matter of fact, you recommended and we went with the second buyer because it was in my best interest. During the period from signing to the closing, you monitored and nudged the proceedings so that they stayed on track. I recommend you with great enthusiasm and without any reservation!

Arthur Berger (son of former owner of 126 Ritchie Drive, Yonkers

Now that the sale of my mother’s house has been finalized, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for selling this house. After working with you, I now know what a truly superior real estate agent can do to bring about the sale of a home. As you know, before listing my mother’s house with you, it had been on the market for over 10 months with another agency. After retaining your services, you amazingly not only sold the house in approximately a month, but also sold it for more than the asking price. Contract to what I’d been told before, that the house will “sell itself,” it took both your experience and hard work to sell this house. Even before I listed the house with you, you came to the house and made numerous recommendations as to what steps I needed to take to make the home marketable. Once the house was put back on the market, I was amazed at how frequently it was shown. I know this was the result of your hard work since I had not seen this level of activity at any time in the past 10 months.

Curtis Buell (son of former owner of 70 Rockledge Road, Bronxville

Jane, your patience in finding a buyer for my house was inexhaustible. You never seemed to tire of pursuing interested buyers and keeping the house “in the news.” I marveled at your tenacity and your willingness to be available at any time to show the place, to admit inspectors, workers, etc. You were the ultimate real estate agent but you also exhibited a sincere sensitivity to how I felt about the place. You knew how much it meant to me and you know that I had mixed feelings about moving. You tempered your wisdom with emotion and helped me keep an even keel. Jane, I thank you for everything. You helped make a rough road smooth.

Madeline Butler (former owner of 18 Rumsey Road, Yonkers)

We are barely three months in our new place and not a day goes by where we don’t think about the “real estate gods” and how you have helped us with this magical transformation. Thank you for your steady hand at the tiller, your sage advice, and your stable of thoroughbred professionals – every one a gem! None of this would have been possible without you. You are our national treasure!


Della & Isaac Brooks (former owners of 8 Marshall Road, Yonkers)

Dear Jane, the most fortunate thing that happened to us when it came time to sell our house was YOU! Your professionalism in real estate is only surpassed by your social demeanor with handling your clients. Thank you for walking us through each step in the sale and getting us our price.

Irv & Judy Kaufman (former owners of 306 Devoe Avenue, Yonkers)

Jane, this was an emotional undertaking for my brother and me, having lost both parents and our brother in a 3-month period. You were amazing! You helped us overcome all the hurdles that presented themselves. You went out of your way to resolve issues on your own and relieve us of the stress and burden of doing so. You were professional and compassionate throughout the entire transaction. You never failed to respond to all of our questions and did so quickly with knowledgeable advice and information. I would and WILL recommend your services to anyone in need of a real estate agent…and will do so without hesitation!

Joanna-Faith Whitney (daughter of former owner of 205 Tibbetts Road, Yonkers)

My sister and I were responsible for selling my Mother’s house after she moved to a nursing home. Based on a previous and very successful association with Jane McAfee on the sale of my father-in-law’s home, we naturally sought out Jane to help us sell this house. Jane was extraordinarily prepared when we met at the house and she was very honest about the condition of this 100-year old property. She made helpful suggestions about how to best show the house and offered a list of people who could help empty out the house, clean it up and get it ready for showings. Despite a still recovering housing market, we had out first offer within a week and we accepted a final offer within several weeks. The process through contact and closing went flawlessly thanks to Jane’s constant monitoring, interaction with the buyer’s agent and advocating on our behalf. Jane’s hard work and extreme professionalism combined to exceed our expectations of what we might have expected during the sale.

Arthur Stepanovic (son of former owners of 20 Midland Avenue, Yonkers)

If you are looking for a real estate agent to handle the sale of your house, I highly recommend Jane McAfee. She is very experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. I had never been involved with selling a house when I was suddenly faced with selling my mother’s house upon her death. Jane gave me excellent suggestions for fixing up the house, at minimal cost, to attract buyers. She provided me with people and businesses to contact for various services. She thoroughly researched the prevailing market prices to help me determine a fair selling price, I followed Jane’s advice in all areas. The end result was that the house closed within 3 months in a less-than-favorable market. I am very grateful to Jane McAfee for her hard work and diligence in bringing about the sale.


Carol Maucione (daughter of former owner of 52 Bajart Place, Yonkers)

Well Jane, you came through and did it again for us.  Fifteen years ago, you were extremely instrumental helping and guiding us through the maze of problems of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy and dealing with agencies and building department to get to the successful sale of my mother's house in Yonkers. You were amazing then and super amazing for our recent sale of my wife's Dad's house in Hastings-on-Hudson. As you know it took 1 & 1/2 years to get it to closing.  If it weren't for all your work, guidance and experience with the multitude of problems we encountered with the building department, it probably would have been more like 2 years, if then. Trying to deal with all the setbacks, problems and unforeseen emergencies would have been impossible without you.  We appreciated that you were "always" a phone call or text message away, always getting back to us immediately no matter where you were, even on vacation.  You kept us in the loop as to what was happening and reassured us when things seemed to be out of control. Once again, you took the ball for us and ran with it to the conclusion for a happy ending. Jane, it is with our deepest gratitude we thank you and we will keep in touch as always.


Dominic & Linda Guadagnoli (26 Clunie Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson)

Jane, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you did to make the sale of my family home a quick and painless process. Your professionalism, knowledge, availability and understanding are attributes sadly lacking in the current market. I have already recommended you to several friends that want to place their house on the market or have already done so but are unhappy with the results. To sell a home in today’s market is not an easy task and I believe that you are the reason that our house sold as quickly as it did.

Ed Jodry (former owner of 89 Joan Drive, Yonkers)

Dear Jane, thank you so much for all of your hard work to sell my father’s home. The house had been languishing on the market for 6 months with another agent. When that contract expired, you were recommended by a family friend. We met on a Sunday to list the property and by end of the following week, we had two or three viable offers!! From the moment we met, I appreciated your honesty and advice in regard to the property. Your presentation is second to none. I have been involved in buying and selling of four homes and I can truthfully say that this one was the most stress-free encounter. This was important for me since the sale of this house was particularly difficult as it was my childhood home. Additionally, living five hours away made things even harder, however, your attention to detail and willingness to help in my absence allowed me peace of mind. I know why you are a top agent in Yonkers.

Elena Stepanovic (owner of 54 Wallace Parkway, Yonkers)

Jane, you exceeded all of our expectations of what a broker could do for us. Besides the fact that you made sure all of our ducks were in a row, we received quite a bit more money for the sale than we expected. You were great dealing with a myriad of details that were necessary dealing with all the bureaucracies involved. What can I say except that if we ever move back, we will call you right away!

Seth & Rebecca Goldman (former owners of 34 Hillside Drive, Yonkers)

Now that we are closing on my mother-in-law’s house has been completed, I wanted to thank you for all your time and effort in making the entire process so trouble free and successful. As you are aware, not much work had been done on the house in almost 15 years and your advice on where to invest our resources in fixing it up was right on the money. I especially appreciate the fact that you were more than willing to inspect the house and provide your advice long before we had formalized the listing relationship. Your marketing program was superb and within one week of the listing, we had 45 inspections by possible buyers and accepted one that was $30,000 over the asking price. The visual tour on your website was spectacular and your ability to locate the original Certificate of Occupancy from 1932 saved a substantial amount of time and money. The dedication and professionalism that you demonstrated in handling the listing and offers, as well as getting the transaction completed on time were outstanding.

John O'Brien (son of former owners of 97 Plymouth Avenue, Yonkers)

Jane is a class act. We were delighted with her knowledge and instincts regarding the market. She packaged and presented our house in the most extraordinary light. I am quite sure it is the reason we found the perfect buyer so quickly.

Mark & Bath Miller (former owners of 54 Hillcrest Avenue, Yonkers)

Jane is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and knows how to sell a house in Yonkers! We found her ability to price the house realistically based on many local and specific factors to be very impressive—and her clear list of what to do to the house was much appreciated and made a lot of sense. We would highly recommend her as a sales agent.

Jason Ardizzone-West (former owner of 79 Franklin Avenue, Yonkers)

Jane took on the sale of my house after it failed to sell with a different realtor. I had already moved across the country and Jane was simply fabulous in taking care of everything, putting in a huge amount of work in getting the house ready for market and making everything easy for me. She went FAR beyond what one expects of a realtor, had excellent, professional advice and got the house sold.

Barbara Potgieter (former owner of 150 Alta Avenue, Yonkers)

Jane, all I can say is “You are remarkable.” I said this to my wife Linda after our first meeting. I knew that you were the exact person we would need to get through all the hurdles that lay ahead of us. I was deeply touched by the diligence and personal effort you provided without any hesitation. You amazed me how you worked through and around the difficulties at the building department and was able to bring everything to fruition. Your timely advice and recommendations were invaluable to the sale of the house. I believe that without your professionalism, we would not have received the numerous excellent offers you presented. Jane, you were flawless. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I will recommend you highly.

Dominic Guadagnoli (former owner of 6 Yonkers Terrace, Yonkers)

Dear Jane, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did in taking care of the sale of my Dad’s house.  You are one of the few people I know that truly does everything you say you will do.  I have 200% trust in you and limitless respect.  You have made what could have been a very trying and difficult process for me---painless.  This was the house I grew up in and it was important for me that everything related to the sale of the house was done with honor and professionalism.  After having the honor of working with you, I cannot say enough about all your attributes.  If ANYONE is having a hard time deciding whether or not they should use you as their broker, please have them call me.

Jeff Kalpak (son of former owner of 9 Wendover Road, Yonkers)

Jane, we want to thank you for your service on both ends of our recent real estate transition.  Your level of service is without parallel in our experience.  Your website and your knowledge of the market are reflective of first-class service and dedication to your profession.  Another way in which you stand head and shoulders above the competition is your understanding of the psychology of the home purchase, and the relationship between demand and emotion.  We look forward to many years in our new house, and thank you again for dealing with all the lawyers and service people to keep the ball rolling and the closings on schedule.

Jon Burr & Kelle Kerr (former sellers of 30 Hillcrest Avenue and buyers of 105 Undercliff Street, Yonkers)

Jane, thank you so much for all your help.  I couldn’t have asked for a better broker.  No matter what issue came up, you handled it with ease and grace.  You were so sensitive to my grieving and aging issues.  Although it was a stressful time for me, you did your very best to anticipate any problems that might come up and eased the path for me.  I could not believe how cheerfully the closing went.  That was all your doing!

Mary Van Hoof (former owner of 161 Homewood Avenue, Yonkers)

As we settle into our new way of living, let me say a heartfelt thank you for the way you helped us through the whole daunting process of selling the home we had lived in for the past 40 years.  When you met with us that first evening and explained the process and your services to us, I was nearly overwhelmed.  I had no idea it was so complicated to sell a house.  If it hadn’t been for your reassurance that you knew your way through the labyrinth of the market, the city’s regulations and codes, and the psyche of buyers, we could never have managed.  You were more than a Realtor and neighbor; you were our mainstay as we worked our way through all the glitches from a buried oil tank to an open permit from 60 years ago.  We were particularly delighted with the way you presented our house on your website.  You had so many channels and ways to reach the potential market, it was awesome to us.  Your contacts with lawyers, shipping companies, thrift shops, etc were also useful.  We practically lived out of your information packet for a few months.  And then, in helping us prepare for the complexities of the closing, you sane and experienced advice saved us for all kinds of difficulties and setbacks. Jane, it is really hard to express how much we appreciated your part in our lives through this very difficult transition.

Margaret and Byron Shafer (former owners of 16 Madeline Parkway, Yonkers)

Jane, I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in marketing our house.  From the moment we met you, we knew we were in the hands of a professional.  The strategic plan you developed to reach potential buyers was comprehensive and effective.  The presentation materials you developed were interesting and thorough.  The photos on your website presented our home beautifully.  Of particular value were your suggestions on how best to prepare our home for prospective buyers.  Jane, we will always be grateful for your responsiveness to our many questions and concerns.  Your wisdom, warmth and optimism were invaluable.

George Berman (former owner of 84 Franklin Avenue, Yonkers)

Jane, I wanted to thank you for all your help in bringing this difficult sale to a closing,  I can honestly say that in all my years of practice, I have never encountered a broker who worked so hard and capably to see that everything was completed for the closing.  Thank you again and I will certainly recommend you without hesitation.

Peter P (Attorney for the former owner of 126 Ritchie Drive, Yonkers)

Jane, we would like to express our thanks for a job well done.  Your listing work related to the successful sale of our mother’s home clearly demonstrated a high degree of honesty, consideration, and professionalism.  Our apparent challenge of selling this home from a remote state was overcome through your diligence and experience, acting as our local agent and representative.  We quickly achieved a very satisfactory sale price in what can only be described as a very difficult housing market.  Thanks again for this successful and very pleasant business experience.

Chris & Elaine Costeines (daughter and son-in-law of former owner of 213 Van Cortlandt Park Avenue, Yonkers)

I closed on my home at 78 Rockland Avenue, Yonkers, and my Realtor was Jane McAfee.  In my history of buying and selling, I have never encountered a finer real estate agent than Jane.  Not only was she cheerful and cooperative but she orchestrated the entire selling process flawlessly.  Jane responded to our every request promptly and efficiently.  She is a true professional and a great asset to her company.

Peter Sarubbi (former owner of 78 Rockland Avenue, Yonkers)

I recently sold a home I owned in Yonkers and Jane McAfee was the Realtor I selected to represent me.  Jane had a daunting task because I live in Colorado and the house in Yonkers had several problems we had to work through.  Jane sent me an information packet and I was impressed even before I met her and felt she was the right person to list my house.  She was incredibly responsive when I had questions which was important since I was not in the local area.  I felt Jane guided me through the process with sound strategic planning and clear direction for getting the property listed and sold.  As a result of her experience, she has many resources at her disposal and could get me the help I needed.  The home was under contract within two weeks of being listed.  In addition to all of Jane’s real estate knowledge, I found her to be enthusiastic and a positive thinker and I would highly recommend Jane to anyone that is thinking of selling a home.

Claire Brody (former owner of 95 Dunwoodie Street, Yonkers)

Dear Jane, I want to thank you for the tremendous job you did marketing and selling my brother's house in the Park Hill section of Yonkers. I could call on you at anytime (and anywhere!) with a question, problem or request, and you always had an answer, found a solution (even if it meant doing it yourself), and honored my request. From finding a junk man to knowing your way around Yonkers City Hall, to recommending an extremely reliable moving company at a fair price --- you had it all covered. You are a knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy professional who is totally committed to her clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this emotionally difficult job somewhat painless and always exciting. You are the barometer by which I will forever judge all other real estate agents. You are a valuable treasure to your chosen field, your neighborhood and your community.

Toni-Anne Luposello (Executrix for 17 Glenbrook Avenue, Yonkers)

This letter is to let you know just how wonderful Jane McAfee was in selling my Mom’s home. Jane came to our initial meeting well prepared and her plan was both extensive and effective. My Mom’s home sold within the week. But this is not what makes Jane stand out from the rest of Realtors out there. There were problems with the City of Yonkers involved in selling the house. Jane had a list of professionals to help us get through this difficult and tedious process. Jane stayed on top of the situation and took all the stress off my Mom and the rest of the family. We felt we were truly taken care of. If you are questioning hiring Jane to sell your property, stop right now. She will do whatever is necessary to get you to the closing. I cannot rave enough about how well she took care of us. She is a professional who knows her job and knows how to do it right.

Joanne Cannone (daughter of former owner of 52 Hearthstone Road, Yonkers)

I know when we retained you as our Realtor, to sell our English Tudor, that your expertise would make the sale easier. You helped us every step of the way. You demonstrated an abundance of energy and enthusiasm which was a pleasure to see, No challenge was too big in dealing with inspectors, contractors, plumbers, and electricians to insure that we received the Certificate of Occupancy prior to the closing date. Your personal intervention with the Yonkers employees to the C of O to its final conclusion is deeply appreciated.

Ed & Lucille Ahr (former owners of 81 Ridge Drive, Yonkers)

It only took a moment, and I knew that I had selected the right real estate agent to sell my home. Your enthusiasm and expertise in knowing what had to be done, from securing a C of O, to rearranging furniture, painting, etc., was right on target. As a widow, I found it comforting selecting people and companies you listed for repairing my home at reasonable costs. Many thanks to you, Jane, for making it all so simple. I anticipated spending more time in Yonkers….but with Jane at the helm, I am moving on. If you are interested in selling your home, I suggest you call Jane McAfee because one your home is in Jane’s care, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you, Jane, for all the energy, enthusiasm, and work you put into marketing and selling my home.

Patricia DelPino (former owner of 22 Birch Road, Yonkers)

When both our folks passed away within a year’s time, we were faced with the task of selling our home in Yonkers while residing 300 miles away. To say that you the process a “piece of cake” is putting it mildly. Your attention to detail, outstanding service, and promptness in finding us a buyer was exceptional. I can’t express enough what an outstanding job you did in finding us a buyer and getting us through the process while we were so far away from the action.  Please feel free to use this letter as a whole-hearted endorsement of your services. Thanks again, Jane, for making the sale of our family home an easy, delightful experience.

Richard Flood (Executor for 57 Bretton Road, Yonkers)

Jane, now that the house has sold, I just wanted to offer you a sincere thank you for everything you've done. I didn't have the highest opinion of your profession before we met. Based on some of our past experiences, and with everything on the Internet, it seemed like real estate agents were making a lot of money for not a lot of work. You totally changed my perception. The amount of energy and time you put into this sale was remarkable. You are so terrific at your job. We wouldn't have been able to sell the house without you. I honestly can't thank you enough.  With much gratitude…

Jeremy Bell (former owner of 183 Scarsdale Road, Tuckahoe P.O./Yonkers)

Jane, I just want to thank you for all of the work you put in to selling our house. You were absolutely amazing dealing with all of the different issues that popped up, and I honestly cannot thank you enough. I do not think we would have sold the house without you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lynne Bell (former owner of 183 Scarsdale Road, Tuckahoe P.O./Yonkers)

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