What Jane's Clients Say


"Jane, your level of service is without parallel in our experience. Your photography, listing sheets and handouts, all customized to each property, maximize the penetration of your markets. Your open houses, your networking with other Realtors, combine to make your combination of services the most formidable available. You are a true master of your game."

Jon Burr and Kelle Kerr (sellers of 30 Hillcrest Avenue and buyers and sellers of 105 Undercliff Street)


"Dear Jane, we wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for helping us so much throughout the home buying process of 12 Leroy Place in Yonkers. Your professionalism and support made a stressful, and sometimes frightening, experience, much more manageable. You always had time for a question and got back to us quickly if more information was needed. You always gave us an idea of what to expect and how to go about getting tasks accomplished in order to finalize the purchase."

Marilyn Wellbrock and Stan Puciul (buyers of 12 Leroy Place, Yonkers)


"Thank you, Jane, from the bottom of my heart for making this emotionally difficult job somewhat painless and always exciting. You are the barometer by which I will forever judge all other real estate agents."

Toni-Anne Luposello (executor for 17 Glenbrook Avenue, Yonkers)


"Jane, all I can say is "you are remarkable." I was deeply touched by your diligence and personal effort. You amazed me how you worked through and around all the difficulties at the building department and was able to bring everything to fruition. Jane, thank you, you were flawless!"

Dominic Guadagnoli (seller of 6 Yonkers Terrace, Yonkers)


"Some homeowners have the misguided notion that all agents are the same. That is so wrong! The entire process, from preparing your house, assessing its value in the current market, devising a market strategy, dealing with all the nuances of interactions that may come up before a sale is finalized, depends upon the knowledge, skill and experience of the Realtor. Pricing a property correctly is key and that is one of the areas where you shine, Jane. I have complete confidence and trust in you and, prior to my purchase and sale, little did I understand how much I would benefit from working with you in countless other ways."

Kim Fader (seller of 64 Alta Avenue, Yonkers, and buyer of 16 Park Hill Place, Yonkers)


"Jane, when both my folks passed away within a year's time, we were faced with the task of selling their home in Yonkers while residing 300 miles away.  To say that you made the process a "piece of cake" is putting it mildly. Your attention to detail, outstanding service and promptness in finding us a buyer was exceptional. Jane, I can't express enough what an outstanding job you did in finding us a buyer and getting us through the process while we were so far away from the action."

Richard Flood (seller of 57 Bretton Road, Yonkers)


"Dear Jane, I wanted to thank you for all your help in bringing this difficult sale to a closing. I can honestly say that in all my years of practice, I have never encountered a broker who worked so hard and capably to see that everything was completed fo the closing."

Peter Porcini, Esq. (attorney for the seller of 126 Ritchie Drive, Yonkers)


"This letter is to let you know just how wonderful Jane McAfee was selling my Mom's home. Jane came to our initial meeting well prepared and her plan was both extensive and effective. My Mom's house sold within a week. But that is not what makes Jane stand out from the rest of the Realtors out there. There were problems with the City of Yonkers and Jane had a list of professionals to help us get through this difficult and tedious process. Jane stayed on top of the situation and took all the stress off my Mom and the rest of the family. I cannot rave enough about how well she took care of us."

Joanne Cannone (daughter of the seller of 52 Hearthstone Road, Yonkers)


"Jane, we are thankful that we were able to sell our home in a downward market while still garnering top dollar for the house. We were suprised that not only did we receive multiple offers but sold our house above asking price! After speaking with 8 or 9 different Realtors, we are glad that we listed the house with you. We truly appreciate everything you have done and could not have asked for a more professional, savvy and knowledgeable broker."

Joe and Holly Hattendorf (sellers of 31 Virginia Place, Yonkers)


"Jane, from day one I had every confidence that this would be a totally different experience than in the past. I have purchased and sold two homes and your presentation is awesome and I knew I was in good hands from the moment we met. I thank you profusely and will not hesitate to recommend you."

Elena Spitanovic (seller of 56 Wallace Parkway, Yonkers)


"Jane, I can't thank you enough for everything you did in taking care of the sale of my Dad's house. You are one of the few people I know who truly does everything they say they will do. This was the house I grew up in and it was important to me that everything related to the sale of the house be done with honor and professionalism. After having worked with you, I cannot say enough about all your attributes. You are simply the best."

Jeff Kalpak (son of deceased owner of 9 Wendover Road, Yonkers)


'"It only took a moment and I knew that I had selected the right real estate agent to sell my home but it is taking me hours to write a thank you note for all you did. Your enthusiasm and expertise in knowing what had to be done, whether it is securing a Certificate of Occupancy, rearranging furniture, painting, etc.,was right on target. Because of all the negative commentary on selling a home at this time, I anticipated spending more time in Yonkers....but, Jane, with you at the helm, I am moving on. Thank you, Jane, for all the energy, enthusiasm and work you put into marketing and selling my home."

Paticia Del Pino (22 Birch Road, Yonkers)


"When you met with us that first evening and explained the process and your services to us, I was nearly overhwlemed. I had no idea it was so complicated to sell a house. If it hadn't been for your reassurance that you knew your way through the labyrinth of the market, the city's regulations and codes, and the psyche of customers, we could never have managed. You were more than a Realtor and a neighbor, you were our mainstay as we worked our way though all the glitches from a buried oil tank in the back yard to an incomplete work permit from sixty years ago. We were particularly delighted with the way you presented our house on your website. And you had so many channels and ways to reach the potential market, it was awesome to us. Your contacts with lawyers, shopping companies, thrift shops, etc., were also useful. We practically lived out of your packets for a few months. And then, in helping us prepare for the complexities of the closing, your sane and experienced advice saved us from all kinds of difficulties and setbacks. Jane, it is really hard to express how much we appreciated your part in our lives through this very difficult transition.

Margaret and Byron Shafer (sellers of 16 Madeline Parkway, Yonkers)


"Dear Jane, we would like to express our thanks for a job well done. Your listing work related to the successful sale of our mother's home clearly demonstrated a high degree of honesty, consideration, and professionalism. Our apparent challenge of selling this home from a remote state was overcome through your diligence and experience, acting as our local agent and representative. We quickly achieved a very satisfactory sale price in what can only be described as a very difficult housing market."

Christopher and Elaine Costeines (daughter and husband of deceased owner of 213 Van Cortlandt Park Avenue, Yonkers)